Friday, February 10, 2006

Fridays are for TMI

It’s been a year to the day since I’ve had a period. Sweet! Here’s hoping for at least another year of no PMS, cramps, and unsightly hormonal breakouts.

I haven’t had sex in 11 weeks. I’m practically a virgin again. Although I’ve had quite a few sex dreams about my husband lately, which is very disconcerting when I wake up next to my baby who is hoovering my whole entire boob into her mouth while my husband sleeps on the couch.

My baby pooped twice last night. Wiping poop out of baby fat rolls should be a Real World/Road Rules challenge.

My boobs are extremely leaky today… thank goodness for Johnson and Johnson nursing pads, or my Old Navy half zip fleece would be as sticky and crusty (I told you it was TMI!) as the AC/DC shirt that I slept in last night.

My stomach has deflated quite a bit, but now I have this beautiful, saggy, stretch mark covered paunch where my baby used to live. It’s like my stomach is trying to be flat, but there’s just too much skin for it to be feasible.

Mondays are for confessions… stay tuned!

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