Thursday, February 09, 2006

Three Alarm E-Lo

I stayed home yesterday. I felt crappy, in fact, I still feel pretty crappy today.

I’ve never called 911 in my life. Yesterday, Ryan did.

We thought our house was on fire.

Good thing I stayed home too. Lyric and I were lounging on the couch. She was eating/napping, I was watching reruns of SNL on E! and for a second I caught a whiff of something funny.

“Smells like something burning,” I thought.

Then the smell suddenly got stronger.

“Definitely smells like something is on fire… oh SHIT.” I said that last part because I glanced over at the kitchen and saw that it was full of smoke. I grabbed Lyric and ran to the kitchen, thinking that maybe the oven was on or something was smoldering on one of the burners. Nothing, but the smell was terrible.

I ran to get Ryan, who was in the shower. “Something is burning!” “What?” I never saw anyone jump out of a shower and get dressed so fast in my life. He was out the door and downstairs to his grandma’s in a split second. I put Lyric down in her bouncer and started trying to sniff out the source of the smoke. It was coming from the heating ducts in the floor.

Ryan’s grandma followed him upstairs and confirmed what I already knew, “Oh, it IS smoky up here!” Yeah, I didn’t notice! Great observation!

It took about 3 minutes of looking and not finding anything for Ryan to call his parents (it IS their house, after all) THEN 911. He turned to me and said, “pack up the baby and go to your moms, I just called the fire department.” Cue the screech of the volunteer fire department whistle the next road down.

I threw clothes on as fast as I could while Ryan was packing Lyric up into her car seat. In a matter of about 60 seconds, we were out the door, only to see the volunteer fire department truck passing our road. They were quick, but not very precise.

By the time I pulled the van out of the driveway, they had realized their mistake and were pulling into our road.

I drove off laughing at our luck. It’s always SOMETHING.

Two more volunteer fire departments responded to our call. The funny thing was, nothing was on fire. The oil furnace in the basement was malfunctioning. Who knows how long it would have taken to start a fire though.

I was back home within 3 hours with no harm done except for a faint oil furnace smell to the house.


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