Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Duck Stories???

Since moving into my in-laws empty house, or what I like to call the In-Law Bed and Breakfast (except there’s no breakfast, and only a bed for me and Lyric and a futon for Ryan) I’ve noticed a plethora of new animals. At my old house, there were squirrels. I fed the squirrels, which attracted a lonely chipmunk who lived under the shed, a baby bunny, and sometimes raccoons at night.

At the In Law Bed and Whatever, there are ducks. The ducks are LOUD. They quack and quack and chase each other all over the backyard. There is a barnyard and pond next door, and I guess the reason that the ducks are still around in February in the cold Pennsylvania winter is because they’ve got a cozy pond and Ryan’s grandmother feeds them, along with the wild turkeys and squirrels (she’s like me). Ryan has seen the giant wild turkeys, but I have yet to see them. And the squirrels! There’s not only grey squirrels, but RED ones! Unfortunately, Ryan’s dad shot one of the red ones. Thankfully he doesn’t live with me, or I’d smack him upside the head for KILLING a squirrel.

I digress. So yeah, the ducks. Every morning there they are, rummaging through the backyard for the seeds and corn that Ryan’s grandma (who lives downstairs) puts out for them, just quacking like crazy. There’s a big grey goose who gives orders. Yesterday Ryan and I witnessed the ducks ganging up on one duck and pecking the crap out of it, until the ruckus was broken up by the grey goose.

This morning I caught these pictures of the ducks… they’re not great because it was still kind of dark out, but you can see the goose that bosses everyone around.

That's him.

On top of the ducks, there are horses, a goat, and chickens (including a rooster that crows at all hours) living next door. On occasion the chickens are in the backyard too.

I’m surrounded.

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