Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Explanations for things I didn't expect explanations for...

I always forget to check my OTHER email account, that is, the one I have listed here… basically because I don’t get much email in it. I am so hungry for bacon right now, damn it. Anyways, last week I posted the search results that led mostly perverted crazies to my site, and one was “the story of the fucking squirrel in the forest.” A helpful lad saw my crazy post and emailed me the reason WHY people are looking for that. God, a BLT would be WONDERFUL right now. So, it seems that there was this fake download track out there that was supposedly a System of a Down song, called, yep, you guessed it, “the story of the fucking squirrel in the forest.” However, it WAS NOT System of a Down, it was some other terrible metal band that did this song, but it was being pushed as System of a Down to get some people to actually listen to this shit. Incidentally, System of a Down’s new album is being released today. There is not ONE SONG related to squirrels of any kind on it. But I certainly wish there was, because they’re an awesome band, and if they sang anything about squirrels I’d be super excited. At any rate, I now understand WHO would use that as a search phrase. And my curiosity has gotten the best of me, so I have to search for this fake song and listen to it. And thanks to my post, I’m currently number one in the search for that phrase.

Sometimes I forget that I actually like that band and then I hear them and I’m like, “ooh… moshy.”

All my punk points just went out the window with that sentence. Or maybe that happened a long time ago.


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