Friday, May 13, 2005


before we cut the grass
I’ve had a strange couple days, starting with my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday. My midwife couldn’t find fuzzball’s heartbeat with the Doppler thingy. She kept catching flutters here and there but nothing consistent. So she ordered an early ultrasound for me and told me not to worry, she thinks I just have a “retroverted uterus.” I don’t know if that’s the correct terminology or not, but it means my uterus is tilted more toward my back and away from my stomach. It’s fairly common, I guess. It’s still nerve wracking having to wait all weekend to know everything is ok.

On a happy note, I took the day off yesterday and defended my thesis and guess what? I AM DONE. I’m officially a master of communication education and mass media technology, whatever that means. I’m so glad. It makes the 40,000 dollars I owe on loans seems so much more worth it. If my kid ever wants to go to college, I won’t be able to help because I’ll STILL be paying my shit off.

Oh, and I’ve gained thirteen, yes, THIRTEEN pounds in my 14 weeks of pregnancy. By the time this week is over it will probably be fourteen. So that is a pound a week. 40 pounds, here I come!!!

Oh, how I love to eat.

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