Thursday, May 26, 2005

If I had a million dollars... or 215 million...

The powerball lottery is up to 215 million dollars. I think I have a 1 in 215 million chance of winning it. Actually, the odds are probably a lot higher than that. But what in Mercury’s name would I do with that kind of money? I mean, other than the obvious; pay off me and Ryan’s school loans, hope to Christ that Fuzzball gets superintelligence from somewhere and that I can send him/her to a prestigious college somewhere that he/she can major in something absurd like fabric weaving or women’s studies because, hello? This kid would never have to work! Buy a house, a couple of cars, an insanely expensive purebred dust mop of a dog, and have a jewelry studio complete with a ton of silver pmc clay and glass beads and a super duper kiln and have my sister teach me the ways of the silver jewelry maker (much like the ways of the Jedi). Oh, and a new flat screen G5 Mac. Make that 2, one for Ryan with Garage Band on it so he can have his own studio. Cause we’d live as artists, cause that’s what we really are, we just don’t make any money at it.

And of course I would pay off my friends’ debts and let them drink the beer that I supply at my mansion whenever they wanted. And I’d give my parents and in-laws a nice cut. Oh, the shopping sprees my mother and I could go on.

I think that would be a sufficient birthday present, don’t you? Oh, and Ryan gave me an early birthday present. Wanna guess what it is? Do ya?

Ok… go ahead, guess.


The Urbz: Sims in the City for PS2. WHAT’S UP NOW, MOTHER FUCKERS????

Am I good, or WHAT? I called it, didn’t I? DIDN’T I???

(if you have no idea what I'm talking about, read my post from Monday.)
However, I DID want that game, so it’s cool. Better now than Christmas, because when I’m a mommy I doubt I’ll have time for video games ever again. And I think he got me something else too, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

But am I not such a know-it-all bitch?

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