Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Were you looking for me?

Hi. Erica here. You might know me. I graduated in 95 from Butler High School. I went to Clarion University where I got my Bachelor's and Master's. Perhaps you were searching for me. Maybe you knew me at one point in your life. If you did, consider yourself lucky. I'm not very friendly any more. Kidding!

If you knew me, I mean REALLY knew me, the things you'll read on this blog won't shock you. But if you thought I was sweet or innocent or worse yet, QUIET, you'll find you were waaaaay wrong. I don't open up to many people. Just the ones I don't know, on the internet.

So you want to know what's going on in my life? Well... during grad school I got married to Ryan (BHS class of 94, represent!). I've persued many careers, starting with graphic design, to an instructors assistant, to a glamorous job in the world of discount department stores, to finally losing my job as a mail distributor (originally a web content writer... long story). Now I'm happily working as a 24-7 personal assistant to a very small child, who I just happened to give birth to. Her name is Lyric.

I'm a full time mom. You never saw me as a mom? Me neither. I never liked kids. I still don't. But I love mine.

If you did (or do) know me, say hi. Email me at ericalorenz@yahoo.com.

Stalkers prohibited.

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