Friday, April 15, 2005

It’s the little things

In a week full of thorns, here are my roses:

1.Yoga pants. It’s like they were specifically designed for the barely pregnant woman. Stretchy and comfortable. Even if I’m not quite motivated to do yoga yet. I’m still waiting on my video from Amazon… it’s been a week, where the hell is it?

2. A&W Root beer. Root beer alone is awesome. It’s caffeine free, and nummy and carbonated and makes me belch like a beluga whale. I don’t know if belugas actually belch, but if they did, whew! Look out! At work we have Mug, which is good, but it’s no A&W. So imagine my surprise and gratitude yesterday when I put my money in the Pepsi machine, pushed the Mug button, and an A&W rolled out. It doesn’t take a lot to make my day.

3. Britney Spears pregnancy announcement makes me really happy. I don’t know why, but it does. It’s like a sickness.

4. Grilled cheese with pickles. Heaven. I ate more grilled cheese this week than ever before in my life. Add the obligatory tomato soup and it’s like an orgasm in my mouth. Yeah, I know that sounds perverse, but I don’t care.

5. Oranges. I love oranges! They are sweet, juicy and orange! And fun to peel, especially at my desk, where they squirt all over my keyboard and monitor. I love oranges!

6. Cows in my backyard. I got out of my car the other day, and there they were! On the edge of the woods behind my house. The farmer who owns the field that meets my backyard moved his cow pasture. So I have even better country scenery! Cows are fun, especially babies. Next time you see a baby cow, I dare you to stick a finger in its mouth. Just to see what happens. I’ve done it. I still have every single digit.

7. Thursday Next. If you haven’t read “The Eyre Affair,” you should. You’ll be as addicted as I am. I started the second book in the series last night. Good stuff. And it’s a nice break from the evil “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.”

So my week has been very very VERY long. And peppered with stressful circumstances beyond my control. So I’m focusing on the positive. And it’s Friday, which is another plus. I’ve been looking forward to the weekend all week. I’m going to plant flowers and read in the sun and eat sammiches.

It’s a simple life for this girl.

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