Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Look at the pathetic stretchy clothes girl…

I have a new game I play every night. It entails taking a shirt of my choosing out of the closet, spraying it with water, and stretching the bottom of it. Usually it’s one of my vast collection of cotton ¾ length sleeve shirts, they seem to be extra stretchy. I do this because once the bottom is a little stretched out, it doesn’t hug my stomach and reveal its bumpiness. I lay it flat on the bed to dry and in the morning it’s like I bought a large shirt instead of a medium. I also don’t have to spend any money on new large non maternity clothes. Right now maternity clothes look ridiculous on me. It looks like I’m swimming in fabric. And I’m not buying clothes that are too big for me. I already made that mistake. I bought a shirt and some stretchy denim capris that are a couple sizes too big and it looks like I’m wearing hand me downs. I know I’m not going to fit into my regular clothes forever… I’m quickly outgrowing most of the stuff I have. But I’m trying to make what fits me last a while. It's like a small fashion disaster.

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