Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Exercise schmexercise

So everyone keeps bothering me about exercising. “You should be exercising… why don’t you exercise instead of sleep?” I’ve read that I should be exercising if I feel like it. But if I’m tired, I shouldn’t push myself. Last week I was feeling like I was starting to get some energy back, but this week I’m feeling like sleepy E-Lo again. But because it was nice yesterday, I decided to go for a walk after dinner. It was horrible. My legs hurt within 5 minutes, and I was out of breath by the time I got to the top of the hill that leads to the road. I only walked for probably 20 minutes. I only felt like I was exhausting myself more. Although I’ll probably do it again today. I feel like I need to, because I feel guilty for not doing it. Plus I know I’m gaining too much weight already, being that I was already overweight-ish. I just can’t help eating every chance I get. On the plus side, my husband has been eating way more than me in a sitting. Lucky for him, he goes back to work next week. Unlucky for me, since he’ll lose some of his baby weight.

Pictures from his show on Friday forthcoming. It was a success. And not annoying.

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