Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Is it wrong that I want to start my registry now? I mean, I’m like, 5 whole weeks… That means I’m practically half way there. I want one of those carrier things that you strap your kid in like a front-wards backpack, and a really sweet diaper bag (not one of those tacky cartoony things), and books and books and books, oh and magazines, like Fit Pregnancy, and a car seat and a bassinette and a new house and a dog and a big yard… the list is endless. Can you register for a house? How about a dog?

Oh, there are lots of things going on E-Lo’s brain right now. Like, what the fuck am I doing? And, is this real? And especially, I don’t need my ass to get any bigger!

Alright, I’m making a website for this specifically. Of course all the uncensored shit will remain here, but I have to censor myself a little bit so my family can be part of this nifty internet thing too. I will post pictures and info and all that good stuff there. If you want the site, email me ( and I’ll give you the address and the password (it’s password protected to ward off weirdos, so if you’re a weirdo, don’t email me… don’t fuck with crazy preggo E-Lo or you will be forced to feel my wrath) since I’ll have all kinds of personal info there and what not. And my registry! Did I mention that I want to start my registry? Ok, I’ll give it a few weeks. But I’ll be looking at stuff in the meantime.

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