Thursday, March 31, 2005

Experiments and Children (no, not experiments with children, you perv)

I had a caffeine experiment go awry on me today. I’ve weaned myself down to one cup of coffee in the mornings. That way, if I feel like having a Pepsi later, or some of that nummy Stash organic green and black Earl Grey tea that Starr introduced me to, I can.

This morning went fine without coffee. Not a problem. But around noon, the headache started. It got progressively worse until about a half hour ago, when I decided to say fuck it and drink some of the aforementioned tea. Now I’m feeling much perkier and my headache has slowed down from a violent jackhammer to a dull throb. I was literally falling asleep at my desk. That’s a bad feeling. It’s right up there with those bad touches they teach you about when you’re a kid.

Today is even more gorgeous than yesterday. I really love the crazy Pennsylvania jump from winter into summer. Spring? What spring? It’s 70 degrees and sunny. It was supposed to be raining, but my guess is that the rain will start the second I shut down my computer to leave for the day.

My husband’s band got to play last night, which was fun. We were surrounded by kids, which made me wonder if I’m going to pop out either a little girl in a mini skirt, tank top, and flip flops, or a little boy with one of those mesh trucker hats, Beatles hair, and skinny jeans. Fashion isn’t what it was when I was a teenager. I wore big skateboarding t-shirts and jeans as my regular everyday uniform. You never, ever would have caught me at a show in a mini skirt and tank top. And how do you mosh in flip-flops? Kids.

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