Thursday, March 10, 2005

Kung Fu Fighting

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to get some exercise, other than my regular pilates routine. I mean, pilates is good stuff, but you need to do some cardio to really tone up. So I was talking to my friend the other night, and she mentioned that she went to a Tae Kwon Do class and was thinking about joining. Of course, my ears perked up at that. I used to kickbox and box, so that would be right up my alley. I never fought, I was terrified of sparring, but I think I could build up some courage to try it.

My kickboxing and boxing days were a way to bond with my dad. That was four years ago. My dad was a professional boxer in his 20s, and he was really good in his day, so I trained with him. He was also training a professional kickboxer for a fight who happened to own a gym, so he invited me to come work out there. We would do drills. You’d do three sets of jumping rope for a minute, then take a minute break. My first attempt at jumping rope was ridiculous. It was so hard. Then we’d hit the bags, which was my favorite part. Then people would spar, or if you were me, I just worked with my dad, hitting his mitts. I nearly knocked him out once with a wayward spinning back punch. He loves to tell that story.

It was awesome to be a part of something like that, although it was short-lived for my part since I moved away to go to grad school. It was a real community that everyone had a part in. I even quit smoking (that was the 5th time I quit). Since I didn’t want to fight, they asked me to be ring announcer for one of their big fights. Not to be confused with ring girls, the girls who carry the numbers around the ring in bikinis. No. I was the “lets get ready to rumble” person. It was fun, but I did have to overcome some major league shyness in order to do it. I mean, I wouldn’t even spar with people, and you want me to speak in a loud and funny voice on a microphone in a room with 500 people?

At any rate, I think I’m going to do the Tae Kwon Do thing. I already know the basics of fighting, so it shouldn’t be hard to catch on to the beginner stuff. I may be a little bit more squishy than I used to be, but that’s the point. Time to get tough again. Nobody fucks with the E-Lo.

My moment of zen today, courtesy of a woman I work with:
“That tsunami was like, if you took a glass of water and poured it over your desk and watched everything slide away.”
Um…no, not so much.

And yes, my husband has noticed my increasing breast size. He likes it. I’m wearing a thin sweater today, and to prevent unsightly nipplage I have a slightly padded bra on, which makes them look even bigger. It’s almost embarrassing.

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