Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Baby Squirrels

Well, kids, if your boobs start growing for reasons unknown to you…
Chances are you’re pregnant.

Cause that’s what I am.

After a weekend of waiting it out, trying to see if my period was going to start or not (sorry, guys) I bought a pregnancy test yesterday. Here’s what it said: PREGNANT.


Yes, this is quite unplanned and quite unexplained (come on, I know how babies are made), however! I was on antibiotics last month. So let this be a lesson to you. Always use a back up if you are on antibiotics and the pill. And we thought we were safe. Feh.

But it’s cool. After a minor nervous breakdown yesterday afternoon, we went and told our parents, who were extremely excited, and our friends, who were also extremely excited. So it was exciting to see everyone else so happy and geared up about it. The fact that I never really thought of myself as mommy material kind of dissipated. I thought about my choices. There was only one, and I made it. So come November-ish, right around the time of my 3 year wedding anniversary, E-Lo will be the proud new mama of a little squirrel.

Oh, it’s a bit frightening, don’t get me wrong. My whole life is going to have to change. Me, the selfish, vain, self-centered person I am is going to have to kind of go away for the next 18 years. So when I’m about 46, I can be the same old E-Lo again.

I kid, of course. But I suppose unexplained things happen for a reason. Kismet (which incidentally also means “the will of Allah”).

I still have to go to the doctor and everything and make sure that all is well and figure out how far along I am and all that happy stuff that mothers-to-be are supposed to do. So I’ll let you all know, of course. In the meantime, I’m probably going to start a baby blog so my family and friends can follow along. I thought it would be a good idea to make that a separate entity since I really don’t want the majority of my family reading this blog. Please, like I want them to get bad ideas about the kind of mother I’m going to be!

Yeah, the whole Tae Kwon Do thing is not gonna happen. Lamaze class it is!

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