Thursday, October 19, 2006

Realizing the truth that I never wanted to admit to myself

I have to admit, I was fairly nervous about this trip. But only because I'm the type of person who never goes any where or does anything, even if I want to. How I became so rooted and so stagnant I have no idea, but like any good wife, I'd like to blame my old man of a husband. I used to love traveling and going new places, and he's just not into it. Why, I don't know, but it's another thing about him that makes me realize that I have indeed married my father.

But that's not the point. The point is I was nervous, leaving my baby and my husband, going somewhere new with people I hardly know. And on the way down, the coworker that I rode down with said to me, "the people down here are a little stuffy. They make a lot more money than us and to them, we're just ignorant rednecks from PA." I chuckled a little to myself, cause I'm totally NOT a redneck.

At least not in my head.

I proved that wrong when I innocently tried to throw away my coffee in the hotel lobby podium, because I thought it was like one of those garbage cans like they have in Burger King. Totally embarrassing.

Also realized that I'm a total redneck because last night was my first Japanese restaurant experience. Eating sushi and sashimi, that is. And drinking sake.

Oh yeah, and last night was my first time ever staying in a hotel where there are no rooms under 200 bucks.

Did I mention that yesterday I was wearing an outfit that I bought at K-Mart? Think anyone noticed?

Sitting here in my $250 dollar hotel room with my laptop hooked up to the free internet, watching my flat screen plasma tv that is mounted on the wall, I know I'm a redneck.


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