Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Neglecting my bloggerly duties



It's getting dusty around here again. Not only is it dusty in my little corner of cyberspace, it's dusty in my actual house. My housekeeping skills have dwindled, mainly because I have no time to keep house. Laundry is sitting around waiting to be put away. Lyric's toys are strewn about the living room. Dishes are in the sink.

Balancing the demands of my new job, being a mom and a wife, and having my own personal time (ie, blogging) is tough. My job is keeping me super busy right now. I'm putting in tons of overtime, working Saturdays, going on trips, but it's highly fullfilling and I really feel like I'm where I belong. I'm in a good place, working with some good people, and doing stuff that matters. Well, matters to me, that is. It's nice. And the paychecks are nice too. I think I'm finally past that place where I have to worry about money so much, and that's a great feeling.

However, I'm feeling a little guilty because I've been neglecting you, my readers (have I mentioned how amazing I think it is that people actually find me interesting enough to keep coming back here, even though I rarely have time to return the favor?). I apologize for not visiting you guys. I want to, I really do, but time is tight right now. In about a month, things should settle down, and life will start to get back to normal. Until then, bear with me.

For now, go tell Greg happy birthday.

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