Thursday, September 14, 2006


Because the rain has been non-stop-ish over the past couple days, coupled with the fact that we park our cars in the yard, which is the “driveway” (that my husband has to put in), Ryan had to take my van to work today, because the car is stuck in a swampy mess. So I’m stranded here, in my house, with nothing to do but blog and clean. Obviously I’m putting the cleaning off. But I predict boredom. So here’s what I’m going to do:

Post this.

Clean the kitchen.

Take pictures of my daughter when she wakes up because I’ve seriously been slacking on posting new pictures.

Then I’ll come back. By that point you’ll have told me a story that will entertain me. Right? RIGHT????

Because I can’t watch another day of Meredith Vieira’s awkwardness like I did yesterday. Granted, she’s an improvement to Couric, but could she be any dorkier?

Ok, now give me a piece of your mind.

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