Friday, September 01, 2006

Jarred out a reverie…

I have a customized Yahoo radio station that I listen to at work, and subsequently, I share it with my coworkers, because they sit in the same room as I do. I have the explicit lyrics option on (as in, don’t play music with explicit lyrics). I personally don’t mind explicit lyrics, in fact most of the music I listen to has some naughty words in it. I turned it on the plain fact that I work in a call center and I’m mostly on the phone with customers all day.

A song just came on that I was surprised to hear, because I immediately recognized it as from Social Distortion’s Live at the Roxy album, which is one of my favorite live albums. I’m not usually a fan of live albums, but that’s one I like. I can recite Mike Ness’s discourse with the audience from that album from heart. And I’ve heard some people (women) describe Mike Ness’s voice as “an orgasm for the ears.” So when I heard him start talking, I was immediately pulled into a type of trance like state, a sort of auditory orgasmic euphoria, because the aforementioned description does accurately describe what his voice does to me. Plus I’m fucking hard up, so you could probably touch my big toe and I’d quiver.

Needless to say, I was pulled back to reality when I heard him say, “This is “Don’t Bring Me Down, MUTHAFUCKAS!”

So much for that explicit lyric option.

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