Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The man of the hours...

This is still what my brother looks like. My friend Jim told me to tell him that chicks dig scars, but his cute face is still as cute as ever.

Still waiting, although things have become more stable. His spleen seems to be healing up on it's own, his labs are normal, he was running a fever yesterday and today his tempature is down, so everything is looking better. Yesterday he was on a respirator to help with his breathing and today he's breathing on his own, good good good.

I haven't been down there yet today but I've been playing phone tag with my mom. I've called so many people that I've never talked to before, including his girlfriends mom (I didn't even know he had a girlfriend), his work, and other strangers. I have his cell phone and it keeps beeping at me with messages that I can't answer.

But I'm encouraged. So that's good.

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