Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Baby Proofing the Impossible

The impossible being, of course, the in-laws house. I will never understand how my mother in law babysat kids in this house for 20 years. Lyric has started to crawl, and while she isn't very good at it yet, she's fast.Through a combination of army crawling and rolling, she can get herself from one side of the room to the other in a matter of seconds. If I look away for just a minute, when I look back, she's on the opposite side of the room ready to pull the magazine rack or a plant over. And of course if I pick her up and move her and take the tv remote out of her hand, she freaks out. So far she hasn't reached the milk glass, so hopefully she won't be interested in it. Cause that is floor level.

17 days until I close on my house. Not that I'm counting.

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