Thursday, June 08, 2006

Separation Anxiety

Is what my daughter is going through. I put her down, she cries. I leave the room, she cries. She's making it increasingly hard to get anything done.

Good thing she's cute.

The other moms that I usually spend my day talking to are going through the same thing, so it makes me feel less freakish that sometimes I want to pull my hair out or jump off the front porch because of her screaming for me. My back hurts from carrying her around so much, and although I feel mean doing it, I've been letting her cry.

Talk about feeling mean, I let her roll off the bed at my mom's house yesterday. Whoops. After a big scream, she was fine. I think it was more scary than anything, and I felt like crying for being so negligent (even though I only turned away from her for a second). That's even worse than when I smacked her head into the wall while carrying her. My forays into child abuse.

But what's nice is days like today, when I wake up to this:

This morning I was lying there, eyes closed, while she was squirming around, when I felt her little hand on my face. I opened my eyes and saw that goofy smile, and my day started off just right.

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