Monday, September 19, 2005

Pressure, pushing down on me

According to my mother in law, I’ve “dropped.” To see evidence of that, go here. I can definitely feel the difference. You know where I feel it? In my bladder. I feel like I have to pee all the time. Even when it’s completely impossible that I should have to pee at all, like at 5:00 this morning, after having my last sip of water at 7pm, and peeing 4 times throughout the night. How is it even possible to still have to pee after all that?

I feel completely exhausted today, and completely overwhelmed by the amount of work that I’m facing. I’m praying to the gods of web and graphic designers that they hire someone soon to do the job that I’ve been covering for over the last 2 weeks. It was fun at first but today I can’t even comprehend where I should begin. There’s too much on my plate, and half of it I don’t even know how to do.

It’s such a Monday. I want to go back home and curl up on my couch and nap.

It was a pretty good weekend though, if not kind of busy. I got to watch a bunch of people get mind numblingly drunk on Saturday at a wedding. It was actually very entertaining, even though my back was absolutely killing me, especially after Ryan and I danced to a couple songs, including AC/DC. A majority of the people at the wedding have kids, so it was nice to talk to people about their experiences. What was even nicer was hearing people telling me how good I look for once. Leave it to a bunch of semi-strangers to make me feel good about myself (bloggers included).

And speaking of bloggers making me feel good about myself, a big thank you to Julie, who sent me a cute little blue drop stitch scarf that I got on Friday. It's so cute! I love getting stuff in the mail. And I do like blue. Thanks Julie!!!

I have a lot more going on emotionally that I'd love to write about here, but I just don't feel like I can at the moment. But soon I'll be writing my pregnancy reflections post, so hopefully I can address all these weird feelings tactfully then.

Is it Friday yet?

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