Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Crying Game

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By force of sheer will, I can make myself cry. A single thought can reduce me to tears. EVERYTHING, people. Everything makes me cry.

I have an everyday fantasy about what it will be like to see Fuzzball for the first time and every single time I end up with a wet face and sniffles.

Listening to the teacher in parenting class on Monday night made me tear up.

Song lyrics, depending on the song, of course.

Seeing pictures of other peoples babies.

The realization that I am going to be unemployed for 12 weeks without any pay. How am I supposed to buy diapers again?

Animal Cops on Animal Planet. There’s always something to make me cry on that show but I can’t stop watching it. I’m hooked on embedded collars like a crackhead looking for a fix.

The fact that the maternity clothes that I bought in May when I first started needing maternity clothes no longer fit.

When Rosie’s puppy, Ivy, tried to suck on the end of my nose.

When I get kicked in a new spot. Today it’s on the right hand side, just under my ribs. It tickles and is awesome.

If I can make it through just one day without tears, it will be a miracle.

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