Friday, September 17, 2004

Freaky Mo-Fos

Somebody keeps coming to my site after searching for "only stories of grandfather fucking his 5 year old granddaughter." Who are you and why do you keep searching for this? And the ages have fluctuated from 5 to 6 to 8. Look, the only reason you're finding my site is because in the past I've used the words "grandfather," "fucking," and "granddaughter" but in separate contexts. Someone has also found my blog by searching for "gay male hitchhikers stories only." I've only ever mentioned the word "hitchhiker" once, and it wasn't in a gay context. I expect the ones who search for "squirrel poop picture," and "squirrel wrath," but seriously peeps, if you're looking for a perverse story, this isn't the place you are going to find it. Sorry to disappoint you. If you want to hear somebody bitching about the government or about their job or talking about dogs or cleaning up horse shit, then hey! You're in the right place!
Duuuuude. Seriously.

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