Monday, April 21, 2008

It's Monday...

You know how I know? Cause Mondays always suck. Case in point- my dog got blasted by a skunk this morning. Yeah - all over his right side, and a little on his face. He was so ashamed, the poor guy. The look on his face was like someone killed his best friend. Unfortunately all he wanted was for me to comfort him, which obviously I couldn't do. What I did do was tie him out and hose him off. Ryan is dousing him with tomato juice as I type this. Then hopefully he'll shampoo his right side with dish soap, and maybe toothpaste.

And my cat is in heat. She's been yowling like a nut. I haven't been a responsible pet owner and gotten her spayed yet, because my vet's office told me that it would cost a whopping $145 bucks to get it done. Holy crap. When I had my old cat, Garcia, getting him neutered and declawed only cost me $80. I'm not even getting Boots declawed, because unlike Garcie - she's not very destructive with her claws. Garcie used to scratch the living shit out of everything, including me. So today I'll be calling another vet to compare prices. Is it wrong to comparison shop when it comes to cat hysterectomies?

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