Monday, April 24, 2006


Ok, things in my world are getting ridiculous. We're still waiting to hear the results of our arbitration, and it took place almost TWO WEEKS AGO.

This is what has been keeping my life in limbo for the past 6 months. I don't want to wait any more.

On top of that, I haven't gotten ONE SINGLE CALL for a job. Not one.

I'm never going to get out of my in-laws house. EVER!

We've been looking at houses, and everything in our price range is shitty, or in town, or the floors are falling in, whatever, NOT that we can buy even the shittiest of houses, because we don't know our arbitration result AND I don't have a job.

So you see my frustration.

I want to drink beer. Lots of it.

But I can't.


On a happy note, tonight I actually get to socialize with someone other than my husband, my parents, and my baby. I'm going to go over to my friends house to watch Brokeback Mountain, because we both have husbands who have the attitude that they aren't watching "gay cowboy crap."

Uh, they're SHEEP HERDERS!

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