Monday, April 17, 2006

The day I realized that maybe my baby isn't an easy baby...

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Last weekend Lyric got to meet her second cousin, the son of my niece (yes, I'm old enough to be a great aunt in my family. I have a great nephew and two great nieces). His name is David and he's 3 weeks younger than Lyric.

David was the most pleasant baby I've ever seen. You could dangle him upside down and he was happy. Seriously. He just sat happily wherever he was and chewed his fist and looked around. The only time I heard him cry was a tiny whimper when he was tired and like magic my niece popped a binky into his mouth and he passed out cold. It was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

In comparison Lyric was Ms. PMS 2006. She cried when we tried to take pictures of her and David together, she screamed when she got tired, she fussed when my dad tried to hold her. Comparing David to her is like comparing Gandhi to Hitler.

She's exactly like me. A high maintenance diva.

She makes me proud.

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