Thursday, February 24, 2005

Office Space

First of all, let me say I really like my new job. It’s fun, it’s challenging, I get to do internet related stuff, like rack my brain about how to make a message pop up using HTML on a page after you click a button, I get to write creative stuff about the company and about the products we sell, I can drink coffee all day and play on the internet when I need a break, and I get my first paycheck on Friday.

However, the building that we work out of is kind of gross. It’s basically a warehouse with offices added on. We have a print shop and bindery to manufacture our products, which is cool because I’m a big fan of the printing industry (I used to be a graphic designer for a print shop). The building itself is pretty old. The outside of it is just plain ugly. There’s just no way to make it look nice, and that’s fine, since I’m not sitting outside all day. Honestly, I’ve never had an office job that was in a new building. They’ve always been in old, run down places… except for a temp job I had once for a week, but that doesn’t count.

Any way, I’ve heard rumors of mice. I don’t have a problem with mice, because at least they’re furry and cute. If we were infested with spiders or cockroaches, that would be a different story.

Just now, when I was getting my coffee, I opened one of the drawers in our kitchen (yes, we at least have a kitchen), and inside there was a bag of microwave popcorn that was just torn to shreds. By itty bitty teeth. Naturally, I was freaked out because that’s where I was getting my packet of Equal from for my coffee, and I know that the bag of popcorn wasn’t shredded yesterday when I was in the same drawer. So I went for the jar of plain old sugar in the next drawer down. How the hell did that mouse get in the top drawer?

Oh well. The lady in accounting found mouse poop on her desk the other day. At least I don’t have crap in my office. I can live harmoniously with the meeses as long as they refrain from pooping on my stuff.

Speaking of mice, did you know that M. Night Shyamalan wrote the screenplay for Stuart Little? I didn’t. I wish he would have made it scary. It would have been more interesting.

Oh, and is there some kind of unwritten rule in offices about the gross coffee spoon? When I worked at the newspaper years ago, we had a gross coffee spoon. I don’t know if anyone ever washed it or anything. It just sat all day with in a little sticky puddle with semi-dry beige liquid in it. The same thing goes on here. Every time I get my coffee, I’m faced with this disgusting thing. And people actually use it! Numerous people! How fucking sick. I have my own spoon, thank you very much.

Hey, if anyone has any clue about HTML, drop me an email. What we’re trying to do is create a message that pops up on the page after you click on a submit button. Any ideas on an easy way to do that is appreciated.

Off to get more coffee… without mouse poop or disgusting spoons.

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