Monday, February 14, 2005

My Real Job

What is a real job exactly? I hate to call it that. My old job was a real job too. Real sucky. But I worked hard. I think my new job is going to be just fine. If I can learn all that I need to know in order to do it successfully. But that should take no time at all. I’m pretty quick. It’s so nice and quiet. I have my own office (which is in need of some work, it’s very drab), I have internet access (so I can sneak-blog, but not yet!), and I can listen to music. Everyone seems pretty friendly and nice, which is important to me, since I made so many friends at my old job that I’m going to miss. But that’s the only thing I’ll miss about Target.

And I don’t have to deal with the public, which makes my life so much better. Plus I can sit all day, which may contribute to a bit of weight gain, but I can deal with that. As long as all my new pants still fit. And now I really have to learn how to knit, because I have a whole hour for lunch. After a half hour today I started to get antsy. I’m reading the Princess Bride, but I want it to last a while, since I really like it, so I started pacing the break room. Old habits die hard. Like walking 9 miles a day through a department store.

My last day of work at Target was great. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day. I went out with some people from work and drank beer and had dinner, and I got a gift from my boss and a card from everyone, and lots of hugs. I haven’t had that many hugs in one day since my wedding. So that was cool. It’s nice to know that I’ll be missed.

My newest vice: Chess. My husband taught me how to play last week. I can’t believe I’ve gone through life never knowing how to play this game, because I could just sit and play all day.

This weekend will be my third weekend off in a row in I don’t know how long. I don’t know what to do with myself.

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