Thursday, February 17, 2005

Flurries, schmurries

I luckily averted being involved in a 10 car pile up this morning. The lovely Pittsburgh news said “flurries, no accumulation, and you should have no problems on your morning commute.” Liars. All of them. I got on the highway, and about a half mile into it all I saw were break lights in front of me, and cars and trucks all over the place. So naturally I applied my breaks, and slid sideways on the “flurry-covered” road. I got straightened out and my car finally stopped, just 5 feet short of another car. I sat in the middle of the highway while a wrecked car blocked two lanes for about 10 minutes. The roads were extremely icy, but they didn’t look bad. It was all very deceiving. I feel all hoodwinked and swindled. So thank you, Channel 11, for fucking up my morning commute. Flurries my ass. More like gigantic golf ball sized snowflakes.

I really am in a good mood today. Seriously.

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