Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rodeo Rant

I got drunk last night and got myself in weird arguments that ended up with my being pissed off. My argument was valid, though. The bar had ESPN on and they had some sort of cow roping event going on, which I simply said I don’t agree with. There’s no need to rope cows in this day and age. It’s just not needed to survive any more. And all it really does is hurt the cow. The cows that were being chased down were baby cows, and if you know my feelings on veal, I disagree with anything that hurts baby cows. I mean, is it really necessary to lasso a baby cow, jump off a horse and tackle the cow to the ground, and hog tie it? It’s disturbing. Well, it disturbs me, anyway. And that was my argument. And the asshole I was discussing this with said, "what’s that cow’s purpose in life? Is that cow going to grow up and become the CEO of some company somewhere? No, it’s a cow. We eat them." That’s the type of stupid redneck mentality that really irritates me.

Whether I eat meat or not, I don’t agree with hurting animals for sport, even though rodeo fanatics would argue that all the shit they do doesn’t hurt the animals that they are using. Please. Cow tipping hurts cows. Wrestling cows to the ground hurts them too. And the fact that they use baby cows just shows what pussies they are. If you feel the need to gain fortune and glory by exercising your superiority over animals, then by all means, you should use an animal that matches your strength. But it probably wouldn’t be as easy, right? Besides that, rodeos are famous for cruelty to animals. There are many documented cases of animals being punched, prodded, shocked, kicked, and left to suffer with their injuries. Most of the baby cows are left with bruised or broken necks. It’s really just a form of violence dressed in baby cows clothing. It’s all cute and fun for the people who are paying to be entertained by this sick shit, but at the end the ones left suffering are the beings that can’t speak for themselves. It’s no different that the assholes that train pit bulls for dog fights. That’s illegal, so please show me the difference? And don’t even get me started about bull riding. It makes me sick.

So you see why I got pissed off. Stupid rodeo.

On a happier note, in my quest yesterday to win 171 million dollars in the powerball, I won 7 bucks. Not too shabby, since I spent 5 bucks on the ticket. I just knew it was going to be my lucky day. And I was right, since I’m 2 dollars richer. Hell yeah. I’m going to buy myself a beer with my winnings. But not today, since my brain still hurts from last night.

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