Monday, December 20, 2004

It's All Good Though...

So we’re into the final stretch. 4 more days after today. And I only have to work today, Wednesday, and Friday. Yee freakin’ haw.

I’ve spent my weekend telling all the last minute shoppers that we’re out of just about everything that they want. Cameras, video games, CDs, i-pods, stereos, you name it. We’re out. My shelves are bare. This is my fourth night in a row working until midnight or later, so I’m feeling a little over extended. And I have yet to finish my own Christmas shopping. Plus my house need cleaned, I need to do laundry, I haven’t shaved for over a week, I need a haircut, my nail polish is beyond chipped, and I think the only thing I have in my refrigerator is pierogies and beer. At least that’s a good combination.

I’m off tomorrow. I may sleep until Wednesday.

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