Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Fantasies of Retail Workers

I have this little fantasy where I’m at work, helping a guest (yeah, that’s what we call our customers), and they are extremely impressed with my knowledge and expertise. Because of that, and of course my great smile and winning personality, they offer me a job working for them in a field that is vaguely related to what I’ve spent seven years in school for. They offer me great money and benefits, and I put my two weeks in on the spot.

That halfway happened to me today. And it totally caught me off guard, of course. I was helping these two men who resembled construction workers (although not as dirty as my husband is when he comes home), answering their questions about digital cameras. They both bought some camera related items and one of the guys wanted to get a credit card so he could save 10%. So as he filled out the application I chatted with them and joked about how I have to go in tomorrow at 4 in the morning, and blah, blah, blah. It was time for me to leave, so I walked them up to the service desk to put their application through and they both complimented me on how friendly and helpful I was. One of them started asking me about how long I’ve been working there, and I told him that I was there a year in October. Then he said, "well, I’m an insurance agent, even though I’m sure you wouldn’t have guessed that by the way I’m dressed, and I’m looking for a secretary. You have a great personality. You should stop by my office. I could probably pay you more than what you make here." Then he dug out his card for me. I was dumbfounded. Then his friend added, "hey, you won’t have to come in at 4 in the morning! Or on the weekends!" Which made me laugh and say, "well, that’s definitely a bonus!"

So should I email him my resume? Should I stop by his office? Would he be freaked out by my Master’s degree? Could being an insurance agent’s secretary be my true calling? And could it possibly pay more than the $8.35 an hour I make now? There is probably at least good health insurance involved.

I know it’s only half of my fantasy, but do you think that this kind of thing would possibly ever happen to me again? Doubtful.

Hmmph. At least I left work with a smile on my face.

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