Friday, November 19, 2004

Jive Turkey

Today doesn’t feel like Friday. Maybe that’s because I know that for the next week, I’m going to be working every day except National Slaughter a Turkey day until next Saturday. Then I’ll have one measly day off and do it all over again. Bee-yotch. Choosing a career in retail at this time of the year is not only crazy, it’s just plain stupid. Plus I get the joy of closing on New Years Eve and opening on New Years Day. Wow, I have a lot to look forward to.

Sorry, I’ll stop whining now.

Ok, it’s time to start bitching again.

Who decided that Thanksgiving is the best day out of the year to eat turkey? I mean, it’s good with all that stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy and cranberries and pumpkin pie, but it’s a little boring and predictable. I eat meat and stuff, but I hate to think about the animal that I’m eating while I’m viscerally tearing into it. I especially hate this on Thanksgiving because so many turkeys end up in turkey heaven this time of year. Turkeys are by no means a beautiful or intelligent animal, (or are they?) but it makes me a little downhearted to eat one just because that’s the designated thing people eat on a certain day. Oh, fuck it. Thinking about it is making me hungry. Mmm, turkey.

Have a good weekend everyone! I’ll post my thong picture soon. It’s not my thong, just a random one that happened to be just hanging out for the world to see while I was at the bar last night. So I took a picture. Better to remember it by.

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