Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Bitchy E-Lo

I was buying some cigarettes today on my way home from work, and the kid behind the counter, who I’m sure was probably at least a decade younger than me, looked at me as if he were ready to card me. He looked from my face to my gigantic orange mom purse that I had just plopped on the counter and just grabbed my Camel lights and rang them up. I couldn’t figure out if he thought I looked old enough to buy cigarettes or if my purse was a dead giveaway for my age. It’s huge. I usually always get carded for cigarettes. Beer is no problem. I can’t figure that out. But since I started carrying a duffel bag chock full of female goodness, I haven’t been carded for either.

Sloth was talking today about those Lance Armstrong bracelets and how over they are (I agree). That reminded me of something I think is so over. And they’re probably for a good cause too, but I wouldn’t know. Those stupid ribbon car magnets. You know the ones, they’re yellow or red white and blue and say "support our troops," or "God Bless America" Sometimes people have a dozen or so pasted all over their cars. I can’t stand them. It’s so damn trendy. Since when did it become trendy to support the troops or love America? I mean, so trendy that you have to paste it all over your car? What are these people actually doing for the troops or for our country, other than buying stupid magnets to parade around town with? And like the Armstrong bracelets, people are actually selling them on ebay. People in my town have wasted space in our local newspaper to write letters to the editor bitching about how they were shopping at Wal-Mart or at a high school football game and all their magnets were stolen. One lady actually said that she has had to resort to taking them off her vehicle when she parks her car. So, are these people stealing them because they think they’re stupid, or because they can’t afford a 3 dollar magnet of their own? And why didn’t they just make them a sticker, instead of a magnet? So when the trend is over they’re easier to remove? Shouldn’t loving America or supporting the troops be a permanent thing? I mean, I still have my "Mission Nothing Accomplished, Defeat Bush in ’04" sticker on my car. I know he won, but that doesn’t change my mind. So when this war is over, if ever, are all these people going to take their ribbon magnets off their cars and forget about it?

Ok, if you have one, I’m sorry. Go ahead, say something shitty. I don’t care. In the words of our commander in chief, "bring it on." Back to thesis land now…

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