Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Eyed E-Lo

Friday I had an eye doctor appointment - my first in two years. I regularly wear contacts - gas permeable because my eyes are so horrible. They've even dropped a point down to -9 or however that goes since the last time I had my eyes checked. Needless to say, I'm blind as shit. Because shit doesn't have eyes. And if it did, that would be way creepy. But I've been wearing my contacts for 20 years! Since I was 12! And now? Now I'm planning on getting my eyes LASERED. With a LASER.

So, in order to do that, I have to wear my glasses ONE MONTH for every TEN YEARS that I've worn my contacts - at a minimum. Because contacts - especially gas permeable ones - change the shape of your eyeball, or something like that. And after two months of wearing my glasses, I go back to the doctor to get evaluated to see if I even QUALIFY to have the surgery.

Can I tell you how bad it SUCKS wearing glasses when your eyes are as bad as mine? Especially after I mostly wore contacts for all those years? I haven't worn glasses full time since sixth grade. And it's hard to see out of mine. But I ordered new ones, since my insurance covered it. I will hopefully have them in a week or so. They look like this:

So, they're pretty cute. Cuter than the ones I have now, which look like this:

My new facebook photo!

Which aren't too bad, but after 2 years of a baby/toddler pulling them off my face, they're a little on the warped side. The thing that sucks most is putting my makeup on in the morning. Because have I mentioned I can't see without glasses or contacts? And putting on eye makeup without either involves me having my face pressed against the mirror?

AND, AND, AND, I'm going to Florida next month. That's right, FLORIDA. Land of sun and beaches and ohmigod I can't wear sunglasses and my eyes are super sensitive to the sun and it's gonna suck so bad.

Hopefully, on March 20, I'll find that I'm a prime candidate for this surgery (which I should be, there's no reason I wouldn't be, as my eye doctor said, "you have perfectly healthy eyes, you just can't see!"), and it will be so worth it to have 20/20 vision again. The day that I wake up, roll over, and am able to see my alarm clock perfectly is going to be FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

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