Friday, November 11, 2005

When the Due Date Comes and Goes *updated*

It really isn’t fair that they give you a specific date. I’m a very prompt person, so not having this done and over with by the date that they gave me is killing me. I'm always on time! Although, back when I first went and got my pregnancy test done at Family Planning, in the days when I didn’t have insurance quite yet and was insufferably poor from working at Target, they told me that my estimated due date was November 16th. The 16th of this month is the full moon, and that’s when my father in law is convinced that I’ll go into labor. I’m hoping he’s wrong and that I’ll be in the birthing suite tonight. I go to the doctor today so I’ll see what’s going on.

I have been having mild contractions. When I say mild, I mean sometimes they aren’t terribly noticeable but sometimes they take my breath away. I still have my cold, which thankfully is just a very stuffy nose at the moment. The sore throat has gone away for the most part, so I’m hoping that it might just be allergies. It’s annoying not being able to breathe, especially when that’s a major part of my pain relief. It’s difficult to breathe through a contraction with a stuffy left nostril.

Ryan has taken the last couple days off, and it’s been so fun spending our last bit of alone time together. We haven’t done much other than visit his parents and grocery shop, but it’s been nice to have someone to spend my day with. I hate being alone. He went to work today so I’ll have to deal with the alone time.

At this point, I have to learn to trust my body. It’s apparently not ready to deliver a baby yet. I don’t really want to be induced either. I am, however, sick of people calling my house every five minutes to check and see if I’ve had a baby yet. Nobody warned me how old that was going to get.

The doctor was extremely depressing. Nothing is happening. I have 2 non stress tests scheduled for next week, and another ultrasound on Thursday to check fluid levels and stuff. Fuzz is super hyped up today and moving like mad, and it's really uncomfortable. Imagine an 8 pound being rearranging your organs. Not fun.

What is fun though, is googling the word "failure." Try it.

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