Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Drugging the kid...

Yes. I know. It’s the 9th. I’m still pregnant. I did, however, spend the last couple of days at the hospital, but not because of me. Ryan’s dad went in Monday morning because of gallstones. Yesterday he had surgery to get his gallbladder out. Needless to say, I’ve been squeezing my legs shut, because I know Ryan wants his parents to be able to be at the hospital when Fuzzball is born. Unfortunately, his dad is at a different hospital at the moment, which is pretty inconvenient, but I guess I’ll have to forgive him.

I honestly didn’t think I’d last this long. Every day gets more and more uncomfortable. On top of all of my pregnancy discomfort, I’ve also developed a cold, which sucks. I’ve fretted this whole entire time about what I would do if I got a cold, because I almost always get a really bad cold in the summer that just never goes away. I’ll cough and cough for weeks. Luckily, that never happened, so I attributed it to all the vitamins I’ve been taking. But now, suddenly since I’m not working or even in contact with the public, I’m all stuffy and have a sore throat. I broke down and took a Benadryl this morning, since that’s one of the drugs I’m actually allowed to take. I feel bad even taking a Tylenol, because I hate to drug Fuzzball, so that was a big step for me. Needless to say I slept for 5 more hours and woke up in a puddle of drool.

Ryan’s dad is supposed to go home today. Tomorrow is my due date. With any luck, we’ll see some action soon. If not, I’ll find out Friday what the doctor has to say. Until then, send me healthy vibes.

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