Friday, October 08, 2004

Not for Sale

Here he is, poor little guy.

Today I'm a very angry E-Lo. There is no justice in the world. Remember Pepper, the little Yorkie we rescued a few weeks ago? The lady who owned him put up a big stink about him, after she accepted my mom’s check for him. She raised her price to 500 bucks, then to 850, and told my mom if she didn’t pay, she’d seek legal advice. Which is bullshit since she already had the check from my mom. So after this lady called the police on my mother for "stealing her dog," my mom called our area dog officer, who went to check out her other dogs. To make a long, sad story short, the dog officer said we have to give him back, because he was not near death. He was only malnourished with a lesion in his eye that went untreated for who knows how long that it turned into an ulcer. He would have eventually lost his eye had my mother not taken him to the vet. Meanwhile, this lady still has the check that my mom gave her. When my mom asked how much she wanted, the lady said "he’s not for sale." So now poor Pepper, who has been regaining his health in the last three weeks, has to go back into the environment that made him all sick and malnourished with a raging eye infection, which was more than likely acquired by getting scratched from one of the 17 cats that also live there. My mother is beside herself. Because she tried to be nice, and didn’t want to cause problems for this old lady, she waited until the lady got ugly before calling the humane society and the dog officer. And the dog officer admitted that this wasn’t the first time he was called to go to this lady’s house, but he’s telling my mom that there’s nothing else she can do. So if making sure that dogs are safe is this guys job, how is this guy doing his job? It seems like he’s doing the opposite to me. So now Pepper has to go back to the place where he was neglected, where he was unable to eat as much as he should and slept in a crate. After a month of being with my parents, who gave him all the attention he deserved, and let him sleep in their bed.
Every pet I’ve ever had I’ve treated like a member of my family. These people treat them like animals. They use them for breeding and keep them in cages at night, which is pretty much the equivalent of having your own personal puppy farm. So I’m a little more than pissed off about this turn of events. It breaks my heart to know that good people like my parents, who genuinely care about animals and who fell in love with this dog are getting screwed.

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