Thursday, October 14, 2004

The Final Countdown

I’ve been so tired this week. Napping on the couch and being lazy. I usually get like that after working my bi-weekly 6 day stretch. Working on the weekends kills me. Luckily it’s only every other. After the debate last night I polished off my bottle of wine and passed out on the couch, in true alcoholic form. I don’t usually do stuff like that. Whoopsy.

Dick Cheney was in my town yesterday. Disrupting traffic all over the place. I didn’t even know he was supposed to be here. I’m so ill informed. I’m waiting for Kerry to come to town. Although the people here would probably start a riot. The new mystery here is who’s stealing everyone’s Kerry-Edwards signs. Yes, people are resorting to stealing lawn signs. I’ve seen multiple people in the last few days scowling at my "Mission Nothing Accomplished: Defeat Bush in 04" bumper sticker. Things are starting to get very heated. When we were in Pittsburgh someone actually screamed "go Bush" at us, since my friend has a similar sticker on her car. In the next few weeks I’m waiting for some actual vandalism to occur. As long as they beat my car with a bat. Then I can get the piece of shit fixed up.

One of the more freaky stories I’ve been relaying to my friends was a conversation I had with my boss the other day. It wasn’t really a conversation, it was more like me listening and trying not to say anything to piss off my boss. And it’s a good example of how some people are voting for Bush for the wrong reason. At work I’m a minority, since I’m voting for Kerry. Most of the people I work with are supporting Bush, which I find very strange since we all work in retail and have shitty health insurance and don’t get paid very much. Anyway, I was in my department (electronics) changing the channels on the TV. John Edwards was on some news show doing an interview and he was talking about how we rushed into war. My boss was going on and on about how much she hates him, and when he said that the president rushed into war with Iraq, my boss said, "No we didn’t! There were people that wanted to go to war on September 12 and he waited! He didn’t rush to war!" My thought process was this: Huh? We sent troops to Afghanistan right away. Remember that guy, oh, what’s his name? Osama Bin Laden? Where did he go again? So Saddam Hussein attacked us? Oh, bite your tongue, change the subject, do something else! Somebody help me!
After the fact, I thought I really should have said what was on my mind. And my mom literally yelled at me yesterday for not saying something. But I don’t like arguing with people who can fire me. So my boss is one of those people who really believe that Iraq attacked us. I didn’t know that they actually existed, and it was so shocking to see that someone really believes that.

It’s Thursday, so it’s cleaning day at my house. I’m off to inhale the fumes of Clorox Clean Up.

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