Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"My Buddy Roo Roo"

Redley Roo Roo

That's what Lyric calls Red. Have I talked about Red lately? No? Well, shame on me. Red is the best dog EVER. I'm convinced - he was the best dog I could have picked out of the lot at the Humane Society. People constantly are asking us "why would anyone want to get rid of this dog?" Because they were INSANE. Or very sick of dog hair. Thankfully, his shedding has subsided for the season, and he looks MUCH smaller.

Last weekend we took him to camp, and we never had to put him on a leash the entire weekend. He hasn't run off, pooped in the house, peed in the house or anything remotely bad (except for getting in the garbage that one time) in weeks. He does occasionally get bored and chew on Lyric's toys or paperback books (I'm convinced he wants to learn to read, since he sees me doing it all the time), but it's rare.

I was lying in bed the other night, with Lyric by my side, Red at my feet, and Boots on my chest (of course, where else would the cat be), and I thought to myself, if there is a heaven, this would be it.


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