Monday, June 09, 2008

June Bug

The weather has been warm, which means summer is just around the corner. Which makes E-Lo very lazy when it comes to blogging. I thought about it though, so that must count for something. Right?

So, I spent the last week in Asheville, N.C. - home of my brother, and lots of other hippie/artsy types. Just my cup of tea - sweet, please, cause that's how they likes it down South. I'd recommend it if you've never been there - you're surrounded by mountains and there's just so much to look at. I'll soon have my photos uploaded on my flickr and you'll see what I mean.

Plus - there were lots of locusts. Or secadas. Whatever you call them - they were out in full force. The hum was deafening.

In other strange news, yesterday Ryan and I bought bikes. Strange because much like me, he is also lazy. But we are going to ride like the wind on the bike trail that will soon be near our house. Yay!

The weekend was fun - Greg and Starr came home from the big city - NYC to be exact. I can't wait to visit them. Lesson learned - Rose's Passionfruit Mojito mix is GOOOOOD.

I like friends, travel, and new things. Fun!

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