Friday, July 30, 2004

I need a vacation...

This is a photo I took of the cow skull at my camp. I don't know whether it feels rustic or foreboding, but I'll go with either, because I'm longing for a camp weekend and I'm dreading my weekend of work that won't end until next Thursday. But then a weekend off! I'm so happy to be an optimist. Otherwise I'd be so depressing.

I've been thinking that I need a vacation. Not a get away from it all and go somewhere else vacation, but one that entails me just being at home by myself for a few days and getting shit done that I've been neglecting. Not that getting away wouldn't be fun. I'd enjoy some time with my hubby. But I'm selfish, so I want me time.

I need to clean my house, finish my thesis, sit on my porch and drink coffee, crochet, make jewelry, and read for a few days. I might just turn off my mac. No, I can't. It's just too cute. It sits there and looks at me, all pretty and blue, and hums for me to come hither. (I'm such a nerd)

I could get things accomplished if I didn't have to work for a few days. I wouldn't want it to be forever, because I know I'd get bored. At least at work I can talk about building endcaps and locating signs for the new ad. My only social life outside of the close knit group of crazies that I normally pal around with. Speaking of which, two of those crazies left today for greener pastures outside of Western PA... hope you guys have wonderful adventures. We'll miss you. Now the group is smaller and I can be greedier. And jealous, cause you are away from this shithole and here I stay. Sigh.

Way off the subject...Not only am I addicted to blogging, I'm addicted to slim jims. I've eaten three since I got home from work 2 hours ago. Who invented these little grease oozing sticks of mystery meat in their own edible encasement? I'm out of cigarettes, so I have put something in my festering cake hole. Speaking of which, I've developed quite a nice hack. I was sick last week, and because I smoke 10 cigarettes a day, I now have a smoker's cough. It's really quite attractive. I hear all the boys want a girl that can hem up a loog. Back off fellas, this one's taken!

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