Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A year in hiding...

Well, almost. Give or take a month. But still.

So, I gave birth to another girl, Fallon Ann, almost 8 months ago. It was quick and painful, but I got this chubby little bundle out of it. She's awesome. Lyric is a great big sister, and we're a happy family of 4. Fallon is now crawling and has been working on her teeth since she was 2 months.

On April 15, I lost my job of almost 5 years. I strongly feel that had I not been pregnant and had a baby, I'd still have that job. I liked my job for the most part, but since being away from it I've had nightmares that I've had to go back. So... yeah, that tells me something about just how much I really liked my job.

So I'm rediscovering myself as a SAHM who collects unemployment. If only unemployment could last say, 5 years, cause that would be great.

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