Thursday, July 14, 2011

E-Lo Travels

Friday morning I'm leaving on a jet plane. Well, Ryan and I are leaving. We're going to Seattle for a wedding and to visit friends - and we're leaving the kids home. What a strange sensation that will be. I've literally had this baby close to me every single day since February 2010. And now I'm traveling across the country. I feel like puking. The liberation makes me want to drink. A lot. Hopefully I won't be sick to my stomach the whole time because right now I feel a cold sweat coming on. I'm addicted to my children. Eeegh.

Lyric is also addicted to us. She gets a little tearful about us leaving, which sucks.

I'm looking at this as a well deserved break, and a chance for us to just be a married couple, and not just mom and dad. We need that. And I need a break. Did I mention that I deserve a break?

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