Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday Magic

Oh... hi. A lot has been going on around these parts, and needless to say, I've been very busy. Finishing up classes and turning in final grades - getting projects done at work, not to mention the endless cleaning up after a small tornado that rips through my house every waking moment of the day. A very very CUTE tornado, at least.


Christmas this year was probably the best one ever. We stayed at home, and it was fantastic. Lyric was able to relax and play with all of her new stuff, and trust me, there was a LOT OF NEW STUFF. A LOT. If my house is this wrecked with just one kid, I can't imagine what two might do to me. I might just have to give up and get a bigger house. With more area for stuff to be wrecked. And of course, more for me to clean.

We made the decision last year to stay home for this Christmas. Typically we get up, speed through the presents, then get cleaned up and out the door to Ryan's family. Then we eat, speed through more presents, then it's off to my family. Last year SUCKED because it all just felt so rushed - I didn't feel like Lyric was getting the true holiday experience. I remember being able to sit by the tree and play with my toys all day (on occasional years we would go to other family), and it was so nice. This year, my mom and dad at least were in agreement, and they came over to enjoy the day with us.



Definitely the best Christmas yet. By the end of the day, we were all so tired, Ryan and I were relaxing in the living room, when Lyric disappeared for a few minutes. Ryan went to look for her and found her in the spare bedroom, on the floor, with a blanket pulled over her. She was OUT. She slept all night.

Soon I'll be writing about my New Years Resolutions, and they probably aren't what you think they are. More on that in a couple days. Til then, finish off those Christmas cookies before your diet starts. I know I will.

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