Monday, December 01, 2008

All things considered...

What I like most about having kept a blog for the past 5 years is that I can go back and look at times in my life when things were rough and realize, wow, I've really come a long way. Back in 2003, when I was poor and working at Target and living in a trailer, who would have guessed that I would have become so successful? All I wanted then was a job that I love, and thankfully, I've found that. My job is spectacularly awesome, and I'm thankful for it. So late Thanksgiving thoughts there for you to consider.

I just went back in time 3 years to the month of November, 2005. You remember - when I was painfully, itchily (yeah, I just made that word up), pregnant. I'm so happy that I remembered as much as I did about Lyric's delivery, and those last, horrible days of being insufferably swollen with her in my womb. I can barely believe that I'm actually considering doing this to myself again, because MAN I HATED BEING PREGNANT. And did I mention how fat it made me? Ah, yes, but look at what all I've gained (other than this big ass)... my lovely, beautiful, intelligent, and hilariously funny daughter. She's a riot, and the love of my life. She charms me daily, and I'm consistently amazed at how smart she is. The other day she looked at me and said, "Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" And I asked, "I don't know - what are you thinking?" and she said, "I think we should have some ice cream."


Now if I could just get her potty trained - life would be fantastic. A year of a break between changing diapers would be great!

Remember how I said that traveling for work is for the birds? Ok, well I didn't put it exactly like that - I just said I had a really hard time last time leaving my girl for a week. Well, I found out this morning that I have to go to Florida in February - over Valentines Day weekend, from the 11th to the 15th. But on the bright side - it's Florida in FEBRUARY. Have I mentioned that I live in Western PA and that it's snowing right now as I type this? And it will probably STILL be snowing in February? Yeah. So... hmm. It's all good, I suppose. Good thing I like my job.

Last night I was telling Lyric that I was a graphic designer - and she said, "Mom, you should stop being a graphic designer and be a ROCK STAR!!!"


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