Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My Current Mellow Playlist on the E-Lo Pod...

Cause that’s the mood I’ve been in... laid back, groovin, mellow, lay on the couch and smoke a doob... ok, not really with the doob, cause then I’d be an unfit mother. And I don’t like being under the influence of anything anymore – not even alcohol. It makes me feel yucky. But I digress...

1. Zero 7 – In the Waiting Line
2. Sufjan Stevens – Chicago
3. The Shins - New Slang
4. Ray LaMontagne - Hold You In My Arms
5. Tracey Chapman – Fast Car
6. Nick Drake – One Of These Things First
7. Jamie Cullum – High and Dry
8. Jack Johnson – Holes to Heaven
9. The Innocence Mission – When Mac was Swimming
10. Fiest - Mushaboom
11. The Beatles – In My Life
12. Coldplay – Speed of Sound
13. David Gray – This Year’s Love
14. The Fray – Over My Head (Cable Car)
15. Ben Harper – Burn One Down (this has no significance to my doob reference)

Listen and feel... mellow...

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