Saturday, August 25, 2007

I want it all... I want it all... and I want it now...

I have to admit, I'm a material girl. And it's a material world. And when I'm bored, nothing soothes my soul more than internet shopping. Which is why I love these sites:

Shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Evil if you have a gap card, like I do. I'm eyeing these badboys up. Especially since I have a 20% off coupon burning a hole in my purse.

Uncommon goods. Goods for the uncommon! Like me. I'm personally coveting this. Because I think it's important to remember what's important... like picking up lactose free milk every other day for my champion milk chugger.

Not because I'm a fan of paper - I'm a fan of their pendant trays. I need to get me some of those and make some cool personalized pendants.

The HOW Conference

I missed it this year, but I'm trying to talk my boss into sending us next year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Amazon is my old standby. Anything I need I get there. But right now the number one item on my wishlist is this... especially since I'm going to a Photoshop for Photographers seminar in Pittsburgh on Monday.


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