Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On not being poor anymore...

I can't say that I'm well to do or anything like that. Certainly not wealthy. By any means. But looking back on how far I've come in the past year is pretty amazing. A little over a year ago I was living at my mother-in-laws, raiding the bare cupboards trying to find stuff to make something partially edible for dinner. I was unemployed, miserable, depressed, and stressed out.

Our good fortune started with buying our house. Soon we'll celebrate a year there (oh, and my 3 year blogoversary just passed me by). I got both of my jobs after we moved in and settled. Now my teaching job is expanding a bit... I'll be doubling what I make. Yesterday I jokingly told Ryan that he could be a house husband. I think he liked that idea a bit too much, so I had to clarify that I was indeed kidding.

My life is pretty nice right now, I have to admit. It might not be all that... my house needs some major renovations that just aren't going to happen any time soon (unless I get a $10,000 raise), I had to give away the one thing I really wanted to make my life complete - my dog; and my kid is a biter. Seriously, I have bruises all over me from her biting me... what do you do about that?

Regardless, it's all pretty damn good.

Oh, and I just got Adobe CS3. Chalk that up to being fantastic. Yow.

All I need now is an iphone...

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